The security veteran explains what executives should pay more attention to as it relates to safety.
IoT can help determine what preventive maintenance tasks are really necessary, and what is a waste of time and money.
Wastewater treatment and applications in oil and gas helping to drive growth.
Enhancing the surface profile can improve sealing capabilities, extending the functionality of aging piping systems in chemical plants.
Asia-Pacific region driving the growth due to increased need for electricity.
Opportunities are plentiful in Latin America and MEA countries.
Addressing the tenth component of a general scope document
Understand energy usage and regulations to get the most out of optimization
Why you should design with caution and keep efficiency in mind.
Use building management systems to protect your company
Learn how different metals react, and how corrosion inhibitors can help avoid downtime.
The proper grease should be chosen based on factors such as moisture, bearing load, speed, temperature and shaft orientation.
Early water monitoring adoption leads to service expansion in other verticals, including gas pipelines.
Tackle the root cause of unscheduled plant downtime by working this into your maintenance plans.
Understand how this process is used in five different applications.
Digital twins, analytics and artificial intelligence provide needed insights for operations and maintenance decisions.
Research firm predicts the initial 15 percent jump in oil price will not have a long-term impact.
Pump companies should maintain strategic flexibility during this time.
Study author recommends employers use health promotion initiatives to promote better sleep.
Addressing changes in workflow processes that meet resistance.
Follow these tips to help keep gremlins away from your system.

Learn tips and recommendations for solving the types of challenges you deal with in your rugged environments.

Newer parts help reduce cost and bring more stability.
Winter is coming. Can you ensure the life extension and reliability of your pump parts?
Diversion from the established specifications can create hazards for people and the environment.
Choice should be based on load, thrust, lubrication and other specific application needs.
Understand the basics of air-release, air/vaccum and combination valves.
Distorted waveforms can cause wasteful heat, more frequent equipment failure and added costs from increased power usage.
Learn the features of these two common devices.
Having these valve standards in the reference library can be handy in a pinch.
Corrosion and chemical resistance help drive these material choices.
Transform Liquid Flow Measurement Costs Into Savings
Refurbishing existing wet well instead of replacement in rural Texas provides new life for aging infrastructure.
Industrial wastewater users can meet municipality demands with planning and action.
One municipality met permit regulations by using an external mechanism for selective sludge wasting and biological process configuration.
Variable mixing can provide a homogeneous process volume, consistent temperature and improved biological contact.
Prepare for the digital transformation with connected devices.
Measurements help users recognize and remedy adverse operating conditions, including cavitation and safety issues.

This webinar will reveal an often overlooked key bearing variable that can make a difference in your pumping system.

Learn why parts of a wastewater plant fail and ways to better its uptime
Understanding the differences between these types of pumps can mean avoiding difficulties and reliability problems.
Complicated selection process can make these common equipment items mysterious to specifiers.
Original equipment experienced reliability issues, resulting in downtime and maintenance costs.
Growth is largely driven by South Korea, according to report from Cornerstone Research.
Bernd Fischer, Group CEO of Technymon GBT, says demand for bearings is strong in North America and India.
How to extend the life of second-stage impellers and eliminate inlet vane cracking.