Tips to recognize and reduce erosion and abrasive wear
Wastewater treatment and applications in oil and gas helping to drive growth.
Understand the pump specific speed to help establish proper tolerance.
Rotodynamic pumps include centrifigual, mixed and axial flow pumps.
Silicon carbide-based housing holds up in harsh power generation plant applications.
Jim Elsey's tips on addressing cavitation.
The equivalent suction lift is equal to the difference between the “vacuum effect” and the net submergence.
Learn the differences between the HI and Wilson methods.
How a single-vane screw pump avoids typical pain points.
Don't forget to take vapor pressure into consideration.
Research shows how energy targets can be achieved.
Learn the difference between suction lift and flooded suction.
The first of a five-part NPSH primer series.
Communication between the plant and the pump vendor was key to success.
Jim Elsey helps you avoid common centrifugal pump mistakes
The design behind this common pump type.
Improvements to make your equipment better than new.
Good design on the front end can avoid unnecessary expense in the long term.
Horsepower and fluid movement
Velocity, head and conservation of energy
Learn the basics of design considerations when specifying a pump
These are the answers to the ANSI pump quiz that was published in the September 2017 issue.
Common Pumping Mistakes
Understand centrifugal pump basics to make the best purchasing and design decisions.
How to select the right centrifugal pump.
This equipment can be a good alternative to conventional centrifugal pump units.