Learn how thrust balancing can improve upset forgiveness and handle corrosive, volatile and solids-laden fluid.

Shaft seals and ball bearings account for 80 percent of pump problems. This webinar will share a solution–eliminate them.

Eliminating seals and bearings can take chemical process pump reliability to a new level. This webinar will explain how thrust balancing can improve upset forgiveness and allow sealless pumps to handle corrosive, volatile and even solids-laden fluid.

Modern sealless pumps can address the biggest pump challenges:

  • safety
  • reliability
  • maintenance
  • efficiency
  • versatility
  • life cycle cost

This webinar is ideal for operations and maintenance end users, reliability engineers, design engineers, plant managers and other maintenance personnel.

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Nick Rentzelos
General Manager and Chief Evangelist for Sealless Pumps

Rentzelos is the general manager and chief evangelist for sealless pumps at Flowserve. He is both a subject matter expert and an eternal student with more than 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and using sealless chemical process pumps.